BuyProxies Review

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You must be using proxy servers for various reasons and major ones can be; to maintain anonymity, privacy, access to blocked websites due to geo-restrictions, security, etc. However, buying the right proxy server can be challenging with several proxy providers operating in the industry. In this article, we will review one of the leading global proxy server providers. 

Ever since its inception in 2011, BuyProxies is going stronger and leading the industry with quality and reasonable private proxies. These proxies work amazingly to meet your SEO software suite with superb speed and excellent support. Their four different proxies enable you to have a vivid user experience. With BuyProxies API integration you can read proxies in ‘.txt’ files from your running script. Their proxies function efficiently with Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ScrapeBox, and others. Let us dig deep to find what BuyProxies has to offer to its users. 

Compatibility And Bandwidth

Compatible with almost every device, the BuyProxies, proxy works adequately on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, or any other program that receives HTTP proxies. Apart from that, the servers of BuyProxies consist of unlimited bandwidth so you will not require to pay extra. You can have the best SEO proxies that efficiently work on Instagram, Google, Amazon, and many other platforms.

BuyProxies Review

Proxy Servers Locations 

BuyProxies servers cover many locations throughout the world. However, mainly you can find the proxies for the following locations:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Canada

Nevertheless, you have to mention the country name from where you want proxies to work. Otherwise, by default, they provide U.S. proxies to the users. You will get your proxies delivered within minutes and start working on it.

Customer Service

As a user, you can witness impeccable customer service from BuyProxies. The process is simplified through a ticket system. You can raise a ticket for the concerned department along with priority. 24x7 customer support system will immediately look into the matter. With an unmatched support system, BuyProxies is giving stiff, tough competition to other service providers in the industry.

Proxies Packages

BuyProxies offer four different proxy packages for customers. You can choose the packages that suit you and your requirements well. Save up to 40% Off on all proxies with BuyProxies Coupons. Here is the list of packages:

1.    Semi-dedicated Proxies: Available at $1 per month with unlimited bandwidth, can be shared up to 3 users.

2.    Dedicated Proxies: You can get this one for $2 per month. It is a fast and private proxy for a single user.

3.    Ticketmaster Proxies: Get private proxies for $3 per month for US/Europe locations with unlimited bandwidth.

4.    Shoe Proxies: This is also private proxies available at $3 per month for US/Europe locations offering unlimited bandwidth.

Undoubtedly, BuyProxies are available at affordable prices with several modes of payment. You can select any packages that fulfill your purpose and fits in your budget. These packages give you high anonymous proxies maintaining the best of anonymity level any proxy can provide.

Summing Up

Well, if you do not want to disclose your exact location, you can rely on BuyProxies, as it is an inexpensive proxy server with outstanding customer support. You will not be disappointed while trying out BuyProxies because of the numerous advantages it offers. Besides, in case you are not happy with their services, you can claim a refund within 24 hours. What else can you ask for from any proxy server within such a reasonable price bracket?


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