EarthVPN Review

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EarthVPN is a secure, fast, affordable, and the most reliable VPN service with 304 VPN servers spread in over 54 countries offering impeccable VPN service to its users. When you connect your device to EarthVPN, you will be immediately assigned a new IP address from any of the shared pool of IP addresses replacing your real IP address, which will hide your location and identity. Therefore, making your online activity anonymous and making it unable to trace back your browsing data and keeping you safe.

Safeguard Your Anonymity

No matter what, when you connect with EarthVPN, it ensures that your personal data and privacy secured with robust encryption. 

It safeguards your online presence without any monitoring or tracing of your location. Besides, it does not keep user log or user activity. It does not provide information to third parties. Keeping the personal and private information of users safe without any VPN logs usage. 

EarthVPN Review

Access Unlimited Entertainment With Bypass Restrictions

Even when you are in the Middle East or China, the EarthVPN will work, as it easily gets along with approximately all internet service providers. You can get access to unlimited entertainment and can watch shows from anywhere in the world from the UK, US, TV stations outside the UK and US. You can get unlimited entertainment through movies or TV series by connecting to the EarthVPN servers. 

Compatibility And Multiple Device Support

Undoubtedly, EarthVPN is compatible with multiple devices and supports different operating systems comprising Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc. It supports laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Android phones, and Tablets, tomato routers and dd-wrt routers along with PDAs are compatible with EarthVPN. 

Unmatched Transfer Speed

The users of EarthVPN can get the speed up to 1Gbps and unlimited network transfer on all network servers of EarthVPN throughout the world. You can check the bandwidth speed of all VPN locations. Moreover, you can also enjoy specially optimized P2P and torrent traffic on offshore EarthVPN servers in all the six continents. 

Unparallel Price

You cannot find such an affordable VPN service as it is priced at $3.99 per month or you can get an annual subscription at $39.99. Besides, the VPN service provider offers a 7-day complete money-back guarantee. Making it all the way more risk-free investment. You can get a refund without any question if you are not satisfied with the quality of the EarthVPN service. Moreover, with so many payment options, it becomes easier to make payments when subscribing to the EarthVPN service. Save 20% Off on VPN membership using EarthVPN Coupon code.

EarthVPN Review

Round The Clock Customer Service

EarthVPN with its round the clock customer service provides support to its users through email Ticket support. Even, they provide remote TeamViewer support to its customers, which is an amazing service by a VPN service provider.

Bottom Line

Overall, EarthVPN is a great VPN service provider at an extremely affordable price. It offers an extensive list of servers. However, with some downsides in the lack of overall coverage, EarthVPN is a mediocre service provider in this price range. You can use it and check within 7 days of subscription whether you want to use it or not to avail of the benefit of the moneyback guarantee.


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