High Proxies Review

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Proxy servers are being increasingly used by individual users and business enterprises for anonymity. The primary purpose of using a proxy server is to conceal identity and increase the security of the system. Apart from this, using a proxy server has other benefits such as increased bandwidth and speed, and accessing blocked resources. There are numerous proxy service providers that cater to the needs of the customers. High Proxies is one such proxy service provider that has established itself as one of the leading companies in the market.

High Proxies Review

The company offers five proxy service packages and two VPN products, namely Private VPN and Shared VPN. Below are the stand out features of the brand that has garnered a huge customer base. 


Portfolio Services and Products

The company offers proxies that are compatible with major Google, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, Twitter, and many others. High Proxies offers a line of social media proxies that are targeted at social media sites. All of their proxies and VPNs have a UP time of 99%. The VPN products conceal the IP address of the system and increase the anonymity of the users by encrypting the information. 

Speed and Bandwidth 

High Proxies has dedicated servers to host the proxies. The dedicated servers have unlimited bandwidth and support speeds up to 1 Gbps and 32GB of RAM. The unlimited bandwidth and high network speed make it possible to establish 100 concurrent connections at a time. The proxies are compatible with HTTP/HTTPS protocols. The servers use advanced processors and offer 100 threads per proxy operation.

Data Centers

High Proxies have data centers located in 22 major U.S. cities, including New York, Washington, San Jose, Denver, and Los Angeles. Apart from this, the company also has international data centers spread across the globe. They have international data centers in some of the most popular countries such as Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. The company claims that they are striving to increase the number of international data centers. 

Activation Process

High Proxies has employed a swift process to activate the proxies within 20 minutes to 2 hours. The activate proxies will be sent to the registered email id of the customers as soon as the payment is successful. Alternatively, customers cal also login to their account to download the proxies. The proxies are compatible with username/password authorization and IP authentication. 


High Proxies offers multiple proxy packages at relatively low costs. The company does not charge any setup fee to its customers. The proxy and VPN services are charged on a monthly basis in the form of a subscription model. The social media proxy package is priced at $2.60 per month while private VPN package costs $6 per month. Save 20% off on Private proxies and Shared proxies using High Proxies Coupon Code at the checkout page. 

24/7 Live Customer Service

High Proxies offers 24/7 customer support to its clients to resolve their queries swiftly. Customers can contact the representatives via phone, email, or live chat to get their queries and concerns addressed. The company has dedicated teams to address the queries of customers pertaining to different services such as billing, product information, and so on. 

The Verdict

High Proxies enjoys a huge customer base across the globe. With dedicated servers spread in different parts offering unlimited bandwidth and high network speed, the proxy service provider has kept customers hooked on to it. The affordable pricing and the 24/7 live customer support has ensured the satisfaction of its clients. 


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