How to Use a VPN?

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Are you at public places - coffee shops, shopping malls, and connected to the Wi-Fi? Your sensitive data might be leaked to hackers.

A one-stop solution to secure personal information is through enabling a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on mobiles, tablets, and laptops. They are a great way to access streaming services like Netflix, which are blocked in your geo-location.

You can even browse the internet safely without the interference of 3rd parties. It also uses standard encryption techniques to improve user experience and protect from spam. 

Moreover, it is designed as such one network is connected to ensure the data is safely transmitted by accessing remote services. This application encrypts data before it reaches to ISP (Internet Service Provider), then goes to the VPN, and finally reaches the destination. 

How to Use a VPN?

How to Use a VPN?

Before you start using VPN services, turn on the computer, and connect to the internet. If you are working in public places, say a coffee shop, you must be careful with the Wi-Fi hub spots. Also, you should decide whether you want to go with free or paid VPN software services. 

Firstly, you will observe a button and click on it to download the latest version for your operating system. Once you have downloaded the software, locate the file, open it, and follow the procedure to install. Now set up the account by entering username and password. Also, choose the location and connect to the server. 

VPN Types 

Picking a VPN network is a daunting task when you have loads of options available in the market. We have classified the VPN types depending on the user requirement - whether it is for home or office purposes. Let us discuss each in detail!

Remote Access  

Do you ever have a VPN server for personal use? If so, this remote access VPN is the right choice. You can connect to the secured remote server to enable the private network. These are often called commercial VPNs as they help users to create multiple networks while surfing. 

The main advantage is it’s very easy to set up and install on your PC. Even a novice can handle the VPN software efficiently without committing too many errors. Sometimes, it seems to be unfit for the large scale businesses due to the lack of features and functionalities. 


A site-to-site or router-to-router VPN is mostly preferred in the corporate arena. It is because MNC’s have a number of branches in different geographical locations and opting for the site-to-site VPN network helps to connect offices with one another. 

Further, it creates a bridge by maintaining secure communication between the networks. In this, one router acts as a VPN other as a server and communication establishes between the two when the authentication is valid. 

These are quite common in large-scale businesses were protecting the client’s data is crucial. The site to site VPNs is not easy to install and requires special care, and resources. Although it is designed for a specific purpose, it does not offer flexibility as commercial VPNs. 

VPN Protocols

Here is the list of VPN protocols that offer different features, and levels of security for the customers. Check it out!


Point to point tunneling protocol is one of the finest methods to introduce virtual private networks for security reasons. It allows clients to connect from one point to another through remote operations. Although PPP is wrapped inside the TCP/IP protocol, the PPTP establishes a direct link between two locations, allowing a secured connection. 


This tunneling protocol supports VPN by relying on the encryption that passes within the tunnel to provide better security. It creates a medium between L2TP connections and the IPSec protocol to effectively handle the information. 

SSL and TLS 

Both the Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security creates a strong connection where the web browser acts as a bridging medium and is restricted to specific networks. 

Open VPN

This wonderful protocol creates connections for both the VPN types - point to point and site to site connections. Further, it even uses a custom security protocol based on SSL and TLS. 

To recapitulate, VPNs are becoming popular and widely used to overcome privacy issues worldwide. Adding up, they help you to watch favorite shows by accessing from another country.


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