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Nowadays, most people are getting the same problem of being tracked or hacked. Hackers unveil your browsing data and perform malicious activities with your personal data. Thus, users are looking for the best VPN that can mask their IP address and encrypt internet data. So, a brand called "IPVanish VPN" has arrived in the VPN sector.   

IPNVanish offers the highest quality VPN with no log policy, high security, and many features. Moreover, its plans are available at a reasonable price. Plus, if you want to know anything about this brand, features, or servers, you can simply visit at ipvanish VPN reviews.

Why Choose IPVanish VPN?

IPVanish VPN Rview

IPVanish VPN is one of the most secure platforms where you get the best VPN to secure your online activity. It does not matter whether you are surfing on any online streaming platform or playing games; VPN ipvanish is quite useful to tackle all your online activity without being tracked or hacked by criminals.

It is a VPN platform where you get user-friendly apps for all devices, unthrottled speed, zero traffic logs, access to blocked apps or websites, and unmetered connections. Besides, you get a VPN server in more than 75 locations, 256-bit AES encryption, SOCKS5 web proxy, 24/7 customer support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, ipvanish VPN cost is quite affordable and gettable for all the customers.

What are the features IPVanish Offer?

IPVanish VPN has multiple features such as- Encrypt and Backup Files Easily, Stop Geo-targeting, Security, Be Secure Everywhere, or Anywhere, Prevent Deep Packet Inspection, Censorship Filters, Protect Every Device, VOIP Service, Can Use Public Wi-Fi, Online Freedom, and many more.

Censorship Filters

Online censorship is used by everyone these days, such as universities, government, employees, and many more. Using the censorship filter, you can easily break all the online restrictions and explore every side of the internet without any problem. 

IPVanish VPN is one of the best tier VPN platforms that manage its network without anyone's help. It provides more than 1500 anonymous servers to all the customers in every corner. Besides, its servers work quite fast and come with unrestricted internet access, which can help you surf as much as you want.

 Encrypt and Backup Files Easily

IPVanish VPN has a very different cloud storage called SugarSync secure, which you can use to keep your file safe. You can encrypt all your confidential files from the internet to SugarSync secure cloud storage.

SugarSync offers the best security file management for all types of devices, like mobile phones, computers, tablets, and many more. With the additional features of data wiping capabilities, SugarSync can handle or protect all your data in case you have lost your phone. SugarSync is capable of securing all the files like personal documents, photos, and videos. 

Protect Every Device

The vital thing is that you should never compromise when it comes to security. IPVnaish believes in that, too, as this platform never asks you to choose an option. It is effortless and straightforward to download on mobile, desktop, computer, laptop, or other streaming devices. If you need a VPN, you can quickly get a VPN by installing a router, and then you can easily protect all your devices from tracking. 

Stop Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting is nothing but tracking where the internet market can easily catch online and serve multiple ads without even knowing you. Whenever you use the internet without using any particular VPN, the internet market can see every detail of you, like organization, zip code, region, IP address, and ISP.

 However, by using IPVanish VPN, your real and personal information will be hidden totally. So that no internet marketer can serve up ads, and no website can access your data. This VPN is quite useful to block all types of unwanted surveys, irrelevant ads, and marketers. So, all you need to do is to get one server from IPVanish VPN.

VOIP Service

These days, communicating with anyone using the internet is one of the luxuries and important technology available. It can help you to stay connected with your friends and family from any corner of the world. VoIP is very similar to telephone calls, which comes with no security policy. The most critical part is that VoIP service can cost you a lot of money by charging you higher rates for any international call. 

By using IPVanish, you can get access to the best VoIP services. VoIP can help you contact your loved one and do not need to pay heavy bills. It comes with some of the additional options that can provide you the best servers to be connected with your loved one from any corner without being tracked by the hacker or thief. Once you are connected with IOPVanish VoIP, then all your video and voice conversation will be hidden.


Well, your mobile is quite important for whenever you go. You are always on the move as there are huge chances of leaking personal data of your banking, emails, social media, and messaging. There are many hackers who are keeping an eye on your data.

With IPVanish, you can easily protect all your details and internet connection from thieves or hackers. Once you download the IPVanish app, you will be connected to one of the secure servers in a few seconds, and then there will be no sharing of IP addresses. By using this VPN, not only your online data is safe, but your location is hidden too, and no hacker can get to know your online movies.

Can Use Public Wi-Fi

Make sure to stay safe and awake while using any public Wi-Fi because there are chances where you can lose your data without realizing it. However, by using IPVanish, you can quickly secure your traffic and data without even caring about what type of public network you are using.

Some people have doubts like is ipvanish VPN free? There is no open plan to get your hands on the best features.

Be Secure Everywhere or Anywhere

For IPVanish, your safety is the priority. It doesn't matter whether you are surfing at your home or outside your home on a mobile device. IPVanish ensures to cover you in all the best possible ways. By using a very unique and high level of encryption, it keeps your data or online activity safe through a VPN tunnel, which can help you to hide your IP address.

Online Freedom

IPVanish always makes sure to keep your data safe and sound. It puts you in control so that no one can know about your IP address, ISP, search results, online searches, and many more. Its encryption helps you to be in a safe place where no criminal can see your personal information. By using IPVanish, you can surf as long as you want without any online freedom restrictions. 

Prevent Deep Packet Inspection

Well, all the data you send or receive online is completely compiled in the set of packets. Whenever you browse or search anything online, you may not be aware of the activity happening behind ISP scanning all your data. You can get into trouble because your ISP is always free to go through all your online activity and your ISP can have a look at everything you have sent or received online. Every record is included in personal information like shopping details, location, age, and many more. 

ISPs can use deep packet inspection and easily reduce your internet speed in a short period. Once your internet speed is low, you may get multiple issues like streaming online platforms and playing online games. Sometimes, the government, too, uses deep packet inspection to block access to websites for any specific purpose. Therefore, IPVanish can be your choice as it helps you to stop all the unwanted inspection.

Will IPVanish VPN change your connection speed?

IPVanish makes any speed changes unnoticeable, and sometimes slow speeds may be inevitable. Upload and download speeds will usually slow down when you connect to the server due to encryption. VPN will make your connection faster when you connect to the congested network or Wi-Fi hotspot.


IPVanish VPN Pricing

IPVanish VPN has three different plans available at different prices. It offers plans at unique prices, and to get more discounts, you can apply for an ipvanish VPN coupon to get it. You can avail of significant savings of up to 73% on yearly plans. Save 50% OFF using IPVanish VPN Coupon Code.


IPVanish VPN is a user-friendly VPN that is compatible with all your devices. It offers some of the best servers where you can easily access all the locked applications and websites. Its VPNs are quite useful to secure your confidential data without being hacked. Plus, its plans are quite available at a decent amount.


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