LimeVPN Review

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In general, VPN’s are broadly used to obtain a proxy server that serves an encrypted connection between the user and the internet. It works as a shield to browsing activity. For a potent VPN at an affordable budget, LimeVPN would surely be a smart choice. 

LimeVPN - Operation

LimeVPN operates in Asia, Europe, the US, UK, and many other countries. It provides more than 20 server locations. It actually mediates the user device and internet, anonymizes the users by hiding the IP address, and enables accessing region-restricted websites which are an absolute need for several purposes and processes in distinct applications.

LimeVPN Review

Installation & Connectivity

LimeVPN is absolutely a user-friendly application that can easily be installed after purchase just by signing up with Email and server selection as per the purpose. It can be connected to the desktop and mobile applications and also smart TV’s.


LimeVPN covers a wide range of unique features in all aspects that a VPN is meant for. It offers the users a great browsing experience at a speed of 1Gbps with its pro plan, and noticeably, an industrial configured device can even attain up-to 10Gbps shared speedy VPN connection. A dedicated VPN node is provided with more than 20 concurrent connections and a personal static Internet Protocol dedicated to every connection. It also bestows an unlimited bandwidth with VPN servers switching without throttling.


LimeVPN provides NAT firewall and Hotspot Wi-Fi protection that safeguards the device from getting exploited from hackers. A corporate-class 256-bit encryption with a 2048-bit key is offered. LimeVPN itself uses to write the code, owns the server, and possibly so the network management. No logs are kept, and hence they won’t be provided even on demands. DNS leaks are strictly protected. DDoS protection for its known attacks and TOR over VPN to protect anonymity inside public networks can be availed with LimeVPN pro. 

Technical Assist

Regarding all queries of LimeVPN, You can seek guidance from its official site, and there is all time human support through which you can interact directly with expert personnel. They will assist with technical guidance.


Having a strong confidence in quality, LimeVPN provides a 30 days money-back guarantee to ensure user satisfaction which most probably wouldn’t be needed by the consumers as it worths more in service.

Purchase Plans

Great deals await to surprise the users on the purchase of LimeVPN. Considered widely as the cheapest VPN provider, LimeVPN offers its basic version at $1.49/MO for an annual plan which comprises all the essential VPN features. On the other hand ‘LimeVPN pro’ version can be drawn at $14.98/MO for the annual plan which additionally provides stable private IP, P2P/torrenting, TOR over VPN, DDoS protection and so on. Moreover, for a two-year plan, it is offered at $1/MO which is considerably a cheaper and better offer among all other VPN plans. Save 70% on the annual plan with LimeVPN Coupon Code.

LimeVPN Offers


Therefore, LimeVPN would rightly be an excellent choice in terms of quality and several other smart applications to get covered with it at an impressive price.


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