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The applications of proxies are innumerable, and they have been used for various personal and business needs. Regardless of your need, reliability and security are inevitable when you use a proxy. With over 40 million reliable proxies, Luminati will help you access the data worldwide seamlessly. Luminati provides residential proxies across the world, focusing on businesses.

Features of Luminati

Luminati is a platform with an abundance of robust features. These features are sufficient to complete your task and bring maximum results. Let’s look at some of them.

Luminati Review

Various IP Networks

You can use various types of Luminati IP Networks and create the perfect configuration for your needs. It has datacenter, static residential, residential, and mobile proxies. 

Datacenter Proxy: 700,000+ IPs available in 95 countries

Rotating Residential Network: 35,000,000+ IPs available in 195 countries. 99.99% uptime is its major peculiarity.

Static Residential IPs: These non-rotating proxies are 65,000+ in number, which are available in over 35 countries.

Mobile Proxy Network: Largest real-peer 3G/4G IPs network in the world. These 10,000,000+ IPs are available in 195 countries.

Multiple Applications

Even though there are many applications accessible through proxies, Luminati proxies are mostly used to perform around a  dozen works. You can scrape unique and most accurate data across the globe. Plus, comparison of prices in various regions, verification of compliance of ads and affiliate links, management of multiple social media accounts, and many other applications are possible with these proxies.

Great Proxy Management Tool

Luminati’s Proxy Management tool exponentially speeds up your web scraping. The tool is equipped with ‘Waterfall Routing’ to get the most cost-effective blend. Besides, it helps you reduce the bandwidth and monitor all requests sent through a proxy. 

Simple Unblocking Process

The automated IP rotation provides a better way of unblocking of the desired website. As it rotates through dozens of browser profiles, you will get the ultimate result. Besides, it’s compatible with existing codes.

Chrome Extension

Proxies provided by several brands are pretty difficult to set up and integrate. Luminati offers a hassle-free chrome extension that eliminates the need for coding or complex integration. You can set up the chrome extension and change the proxy easily. In addition, targeting geolocation also becomes more effective. 

Exceptional Customer Service

With 99.99% network uptime, Luminati customer care is always available. If you choose LPM, additional software to run proxies, you have to take a bit more time to set up. Even though it’s an easy process, some people may find it difficult. But you will get extraordinary support from the team. In short, you get the customer service from the very beginning of your purchase itself.


The price is different for each proxy network, and Residential is the most popular. It starts at $50/month. The Production Plan comes at $1,000/month, and you also have Plus and Enterprise plans. Besides, the proxy pricing calculator helps you get a better idea about which plan suits your needs. Use Luminati Coupon Code to get the discount on your selected plans.

In short, Luminati proxies are reliable and highly productive, especially for businesses. Plus, millions of IPs are not available at any other platform. 


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