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When you access the internet, you expose yourself to thousands of hackers who might or might not use your information for their benefits. Your unprotected access can leave your vulnerable, especially if you are dealing with important data like banking, payment gateways, personal information, and other confidential data. This is why you need the best VPN services for your mobile platform. 

The best VPN services ensure that your IP address remains anonymous, and hence, it provides you with the best online privacy from the public service network. As most of you aren't familiar with mobile VPNs, we will discuss all the fundamentals of this online privacy system, starting with choosing the perfect VPN to the best mobile VPNs available in the market. 

How To Choose A Mobile VPN?

Since there are several VPN apps for Android, choosing a particular provider can be overwhelming. And as many people aren't aware of the mobile-friendly VPNs, it becomes more challenging to select a reliable and trustworthy network. This is why we will discuss specific ways that will help you in the selection process quickly.

Mobile VPN

Purpose of the VPN: the first thing you need to assess is the purpose for which you need the private network. For example, if you want to watch online movies, you need a high-speed and unlimited bandwidth VPN. Similarly, if you're going to secure your entire house's internet access, you need a route-based plan. 

Understanding the VPN Features: at the time of choosing a particular mobile VPN, you need to look into its parts, understand them, and then decide whether those characteristics are appropriate for your purpose or not. 

Device Compatibility: some VPNs are specifically designed to guard the android phones while some are designed only for iPhones. Similarly, there are hybrid networks also which are compatible with both android and iOS phones. When choosing the system, make sure you are checking the compatibility of the secured network with your device. 

User-Friendliness: VPNs are mostly complicated, and to operate the codes, one needs to be tech-savvy. But, since most of you aren't knowledgeable about the technology, you need to choose a VPN that will allow you to operate it efficiently. The VPN should be user-friendly for your mobile devices so that every time you face a problem, you won't have to rush to the provider. 

Payment Plan: There some VPNs which come with no cost. These networks do provide both privacy and anonymity, but there are several restrictions on free systems. That's why if you want to enjoy all the features of your chosen VPN network, go with the premium plans. The budget of these plans varies from one provider to another and according to the network features. 

VPN Protocols: Every VPN network follows some standard as well as customized protocols to offer privacy on the server networks. These guidelines are either established by CISCO or by the state itself. So, at the time of choosing VPNs for streaming or other purposes, make sure you are going through the various protocols of the private network. 

Geo-location of the Servers: Installing a VPN application on your phone will allow you to access websites that are restricted in your country. But, let's say you want to access the ABC website, but your government has restricted access. So, if your VPN is located only in your country, you would never be able to enter the website. This is why the geo-location of the private network servers is essential. 

What Are The Uses Of Mobile VPN?

Before you purchase the VPN plan for your mobile phone, don't you think it would be best if you knew how the network helps you? 

It’s a yes. And that's why we will discuss the advantages of the VPN apps for Android and the iPhones. 

  • Helps in Encapsulating Your Private Data: one of the main benefits of using the Android or the iPhone VPNs is that it helps secure your personal information and confidential data from the public server you are accessing. As a result, no outsider will be able to use the information for malpractices. In other words, we can say that by using a mobile VPN, you are encapsulating your data from hackers. 
  • Reduces the Throttling of Data: when you spend your entire data plan, the provider slows down your internet speed to compensate for the absence of the data. This is known as data throttling, which can become quite tedious while working on something important. This is where the VPNs come into the scenario. With the virtual networks, there is nothing to worry about the data limit, and hence, even if you spend the entire amount, you won't have to face the throttling of the data. 
  • Overcomes the Geological Access Restrictions: many websites are blocked due to geographical barriers. If you are using the standard public server network, your IP address will be captured by the server, and hence it would never allow access to those restricted servers. But when you are a private network, you will be able to unlock TikTok with VPN or any other restricted sites from your country. VPN hides the original IP address, thereby baffling the server because of which it fails to recognize your location. 
  • Introduces Anonymity on Online Networks: when you access the internet via the server, your IP address and the location details are captured by the server itself. As a result, you won't be able to bypass the server restrictions. But with VPN servers, you can have anonymous coverage for your IP address, which will not disclose your location to the server. This way, when you will access the internet, someone who is trying to locate your IP address will be thrown into a loop since the talk will be completely anonymous. 
  • Provides Remote Access: if your mobile phone is connected with the LAN, you won't be able to access the server if you are not within the server's bandwidth range. This is why you need the VPN since it can allow you the remote access by hiding your geo-location and giving you an anonymous IP address, which will be challenging to track down. 

Mobile VPN Features?

People often want to know about what is a VPN and why it is crucial for safeguarding one's interest. We have already given you the answer to these two questions. But, there is another confusion that many are still unaware of. And that question is for the network features, which one needs to check before choosing a VPN service. 

Multiple Server Locations

When choosing the VPN network, you need to ensure that it has several servers located in different geological points worldwide. With multiple servers, you can access any website despite the existing geographical barriers. If one server fails, you can connect the internet via another server in the VPN network. 

Protection Against Public Wifi

Most of you like to stroll in the free wifi zones to surf through the internet without spending your data. Even though it sounds quite exciting, accessing the public network will make your device vulnerable. So, ensure that the VPN you choose provides high-level security against the general internet wifi servers. 

Presence of Automatic Kill Switch

The primary purpose of the best VPN services is to ensure that your IP address becomes anonymous so that no one can track it and hack into your system. But, sometimes, the VPN network can get overloaded. Due to this, the network develops an IP leak, which exposes your IP address to others. If your chosen VPN has a kill switch, it will automatically kill the connection between your phone and the virtual server, thereby keeping your IP address from being exposed. 

No-Log Policy

When you are accessing the internet, the platform saves all the logs of your sessions, starting with the session history, browsing history, and so on. A hacker can easily access your IP address and see all the recorded logs from the network. That's why you need a no-log policy VPN. It means that when you sign off from the system, all your browsing history will be deleted, including the backup files.

Router Compatibility

Another feature you need to look for in the VPN apps for Android or iPhone is its compatibility level for the router. If you plan to install the virtual network in your home for multiple devices, it would be best to take the VPN connection via a router. This will allow umbrella coverage and save you from several hassles installing the network on individual phones.

Best VPNs for Mobile

With the increasing demand for maximum privacy on various mobile devices, many companies are now designing VPNs, suitable for Android or iPhone platforms. That's why here we will talk about the seven best mobile VPNs that are present in the market. 

Express VPN

Express VPN

This private VPN connection comes with some extraordinary features like high-level security protection, high internet speed, and global access to different websites, and so on. ExpressVPN has around a hundred and sixty international server locations in ninety-four other countries. 

You can access the content you love without any geographic limitations. A single VPN subscription can be used on all devices including phone, computer, tablet, and router. You can opt to choose from 160 VPN server locations around the globe.

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With no-log policies and Romanian jurisdiction, CyberGhost has gained many appraisals from mobile users. It offers multiple encryption layers and comes with a kill switch to prevent your IP address's exposure. 

Cyberghost offers full streaming access for Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO, Disney+, and many more. It offers military-grade encryption and a platform for secure bank transactions. VPN apps remain functional on all the devices and can protect up to 7 devices at a time.



Surfshark is one of the best Netflix VPNs and other streaming VPNs in the entire world. Using this network, you can easily access streaming websites that are geographically restricted in your country. This best VPN doesn't provide a bandwidth limit range, making it possible for the users to access the internet without data and bandwidth throttling. 

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access offers free and premium versions, this particular VPN network has stolen others' limelight since it was launched in the market. The structure allows ten different devices simultaneously, and hence it's perfect for both commercial and residential uses. However, to allow the simultaneous connections, you will have to install the router. 

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN is an affordable VPN network that is present in multiple premium plans, starting with the monthly to the yearly goals. The massive number of geological server locations will allow you to access the internet from remote locations and restricted websites due to geographical barriers. It is serving around fifty-five countries worldwide, having thirteen hundred private servers. The no-log policy of the VPN is quite strict, and all your logs get deleted as soon as you sign off from the network.



Designed by none other than the VPN One Click company, this particular network provides you access to two hundred servers located in various parts of the world. The unique feature of the PrivateVPN system is that you will have your dedicated IP address from any of the twelve countries registered in the protocols. 



Nothing can be as good and trustworthy as the NordVPN. The company has been catering to desktop privacy for a long time, and now, they have introduced the NordVPN for Android and iOS users worldwide. It uses two main protocols, OpenVPN, and the internet key exchange. It also features the no-log policy, which will protect your browsing and session history from the prying eyes.

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Free Mobile VPNs

Free VPNs are good for the newbies who want to learn business tactics while saving the money. Most of the free VPNs are not safe. Some do not offer what they promise and others may sell your personal information to other companies. So it is a must to ensure that you use a safe VPN. 

Windscribe: This site offers free services for those who are on a tight budget plan and you can use the uninterrupted services for as long as you like. It offers 10GB of data with unlimited connections to access over 10 countries.

TunnelBear: This site encrypts your device’s incoming and outgoing data. One subscription secures up to 5 devices. It offers 500MB data for secure browsing. Once the TunnelBear app is activated, it will work in the background to make your connection private.

ProtonVPN: This VPN is used by activists and Journalists around the world. Its free plan has no limitations on data or speed. You can enjoy a secure connection without any advertisements. Proton VPN is endorsed by Mozilla and protected by Swiss Privacy Laws.

Speedify: With the download of Speedify, you will get access to 2GB of free data every month. It allows users to connect to their cellular networks and Wifi connects at faster and reliable speeds. The suite of products at Speedify enables the users to analyze, share, combine, and encrypt all forms of data.

Hide.MeHide.Me is a free VPN provider with security and privacy as its success stones.  You can sign up for free with 10GB of data per month. The single VPN connection can be used for over 5 locations without any ads and logs.

Final Words

Without using the VPN servers for your mobile, you will never be safe from cyber crimes and data thefts. Today's world runs on the digital platform. As a result, you cannot afford to lose any information while using mobiles to access the internet. This is why study the importance of the VPN first and then choose the perfect network for yourself.


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