Oxylabs Review

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Proxy servers can be used smoothly to increase the speed and save bandwidth on a network by stuffing the traffic, web pages, and caching files accessed by multiple users, and websites are stripping ads. Proxy servers act as a web filter and a firewall, providing cache data and shared network connections to speed up common requests. 

A good proxy server protects users and the internal network from the bad stuff and hacking that lives out in the wild internet. Alongside this, it can effectively provide a high level of privacy. For your business, you must have one. There are various proxy providers in the market, but Oxylabs stands out from the crowd.

Why Choose Oxylabs?

Oxylabs Review

Oxylabs was founded in 2013, and the short period it has gained more than 30 million residential proxies and 1.5 million dedicated proxies worldwide spread out in about 180 countries. Oxylabs is one of the tech companies specialized in large-scale webpage crawling and web data extraction. 

Oxylabs enjoys more than a decade of successful web data extraction and harvesting. It provides businesses with proxies and tools that hide your identity and maintain your privacy when you access the web. Oxylabs specializes in data center IPs and also residential IPs supporting SOCKS 4/5 protocols and HTTP/HTTPs.

Oxylabs Products:

Oxylabs has various products and services that help every user with precise usage and tool. 

1. Residential Proxies:

These are 100% anonymous proxies from all across the world, with zero IP blocking. You won’t encounter any issues with the oxylabs residential proxies as they are selected from the reliable sources. With the filtered search, you can ensure that the residential IPs meet your business requirements.

2. Datacenter Proxies:

Oxylabs’ data center proxies offer exceptional performance and reliability. They are under continuous maintenance to provide a stable and reliable web scraping experience. It convenes around 2M+ datacenter proxies. 

3. Sales Intelligence:

Online retailers need to organize thousands, and sometimes millions, of price changes every day. Oxylabs utilizes price tracking and price monitoring solutions to deliver reliable data in an automated way.

4. Real-Time Crawlers:

It is a data collection tool built for data extraction from search engines and e-commerce websites. Ready to use Data APIs receive structured data in JSON. 

You can carry out the web crawling for most of your projects in HTML for the more effective resource-efficient data gathering.

Oxylabs Key Features 

Oxylabs come with many innovative and advanced features that optimize the performance of your website. 


Oxylabs prominent customers claim that they have never faced any issue with Oxylabs proxy service. Oxylabs’ servers keep on checking its residential proxies for every 1 minute if they are up or not.

Usability & Dashboard

Everyone who uses proxies knows that the dashboard is the easiest thing to use in the world. Here we don’t get various options, and there is nothing that goes wrong. Purchase it, authenticate it, and use it. If anywhere you get stuck, the FAQ or the documentation section effectively helps you again get started in no time.

It has a self-service dashboard, where you can access over 70M+ residential proxies instantly. It has a fast and effective checkout that enables you to buy residential IP right away and shortens the payment trip.


The proxy or hosting service providers have multiple customer support methods, so as you get in touch with the expert support team. However, 

Oxylabs offers only email support it has a staff that works round the clock to get to you with all your queries and possible support. It also gives a satisfactory answer no matter what time it is.


Pricing is one of the leading factors every user considers. Here when it comes to the pricing package of the Oxylabs, people go for a second thought. Oxylabs’ services come at affordable prices with a convenient billing period. If you are looking for discount prices use Oxylabs Coupons.

7 Day Trial

A trial period is a rare option and seen in only a few other proxy providers. Oxylabs’ residential proxy offers a one week trial period for addressing and examining its service without entering your credit card details.


  • It offers a good variety of products and packages.
  • It has unlimited concurrent sessions.
  • Provides a 7-day trial period
  • Global coverage.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Large IP pool.
  • Real-time crawler.

Final Words

Oxylabs is a tech company that practically proves its claims real in most aspects. Its pool of more than 30 million IP addresses in every country globally makes them an excellent choice for almost everyone. In addition to this, anyone can get proxies quickly from every major city from around the world. Its dashboard access is effortless, and its support team is always on standby round the clock, available every time you need it.


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