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There is one gateway between you and the internet i.e., a proxy server. The proxy server is an intermediary server, which separates the end-users from various websites they browse. 

Proxy servers offer various levels of security, functionality, and privacy, depending on users' use cases, requirements, or company policy. Besides all these qualities, one of the essential qualities required to secure personal information and files with all the primary credentials is lower pricing packages. Finding proxy services offering all the desired features is challenging but not impossible. We have gone through many proxy providers but found ProxyAZ as one of the best proxy providers.  

All About ProxyAZ

ProxyAZ Review

ProxyAZ offers private anonymous and personal proxies. The website claims to give faster speed at very reasonable prices. It is one of the cheapest proxy services that you could find offering IPv6 and IPv4 proxy- completely compatible proxies for social networks. It has a pool of 20+ million IPv6 proxy addresses, along with IPv4 proxies, which spans in more than 12 locations worldwide. 

ProxyAZ employs a rotating mixture of the data center, mobile, and residential proxies, from a range of different ISPs worldwide, which eliminates the hassles of traffic slowdown and IP blocking. It effectively handles IPv6 proxy, along with CAPTCHA responses, speeds up to 1000 MB/s, automatically, and each plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, fast, and professional email support. ProxyAZ is a reliable and legit proxy offerer. 

ProxyAZ Tools

ProxyAZ has numerous proxy tools available for making everyone easy to select ProxyAZ as a suitable proxy, let's study them all-

Proxy Checker

ProxyAZ has a tool named Proxy Checker, which has an authorization of an anonymous proxy with the help of a login and password. It can also check SOCKS and HTTP(-s) proxy along with IPv4 and IPv6 proxy availability checking. It also automatically detects a proxy protocol and provides the details of the city and country. The Proxy Checker tool also helps in checking the high speed of the proxy server.

My IP Checker

With ProxyAZ's My IP Checker tool, you can detect any IP-address and also get detailed information about the server. Additionally, with the IP information, the data sent by your browser to the server is displayed in the tool, My IP Checker.

IP Blacklist Checker

ProxyAZ's IP Blacklist Checker is a free tool that helps everyone check the availability of your and any other IP address in the anti-spam databases. The checking of the IP is performed on over 50 databases that track the blacklisted IP addresses. With IP Blacklist Checker, you can anytime check the status of your IP address if it is listed on an anti-spam database. 


ProxyAZ's Whois service is a free and simple tool, which effortlessly allows you to retrieve the information about an IP address, server, or website. With the Whois, the user can determine the registration information about the owners of IP-addresses and domain names. In the ProxyAZ website, you can also check the Whois by just entering the required domain, hostname, or IP in the specific field and then click 'Check'.

Ports Open Checker 

ProxyAZ's Ports Open Checker is a free and simple online tool that simply checks the open ports on users' computers or remote devices/computers. Ports Open Checker tool will usefully help in testing port forwarding settings on a machine. For instance, if any user found a connection problem to function the program such as IM client, email, etc. It is likely possible that the application has blocked the required port by an ISP or firewall- in such cases, the Ports Open Checker tool effectively helps diagnose the issue. It also helps with security reasons if you are worried that a particular port is open or closed.

Website Support IPv6 Check

With ProxyAZ's Website Support IPv6 Check service, any website can be accessed with full-fledged support such as Instagram, Google, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Vkontakte, Yahoo, Yandex. Search, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc. If you check with and if it is not working, then it means that the Website Support IPv6 Checker tool has specific issues and needs to contact its customer support team. 

My Anonymity Checker

With ProxyAZ's My Anonymity Checker service, the user can easily detect any IP-address and get complete information about it. Additionally, with the IP information, the browsed data that you have sent to the server is displayed in the format.

ProxyAZ Products 

ProxyAZ offers 3 products, let's study them here

IPv6 Private Proxy

ProxyAZ's IPv6 Private Proxy is suitable for websites with access support such as Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Instagram, Wikipedia, Yandex. Search, YouTube, Snapchat, Yahoo, Vkontakte, Google Plus reCaptcha, Tumblr, and many others. With IPv6 Private Proxy, if you check with and find it is not working, then the checker tool has an issue. IPv6 Private Proxy has one user access only with fully private proxies and instant setup.

IPv4 Shared Proxy

ProxyAZ's IPv4 Shared Proxy is suitable for websites with access support and all purposes such as Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Instagram, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube, Wordstat, and Yandex. Search, Snapchat, Vkontakte, Avito, OLX,, Google Plus reCaptcha, Craigslist,, Tumblr, and many others. With IPv4 Shared Proxy, if you check with and find it is not working, then the checker tool has an issue. IPv4 Shared Proxy has up to 3 person access with fully private proxies and instant setup.

Rotating Proxy 

The Rotating Proxy is entirely processed in a very simple and easy to use way. It does not require any APIs, manual IP replacements, or anything technical and time-consuming. The Rotating Proxies are optimized for SEO tools such as GSA SER, Scrapebox, SEnuke, RankerX, and many more. Scraping websites with the random custom bot has developed in curl, Rubi, PHP, Python, or any other language. It offers pricing intelligence, traffic bots, brand protection, crawling, and web scraping. ProxyAZ provides bulk accounts registration with email protection, data verification, travel fare aggregation, and product page intelligence along with market research, ad verification, and SEO monitoring. 

Proxy Pricing

The proxies are available at affordable prices with unlimited bandwidth and device numbers. You can choose to buy a single proxy at $0.06. IPv4 shared proxy is available 0.20$ and up to 3 persons can use it with instant setup. You can set up the user count for the purchase of a single proxy. Start, standard, and Pro are the three plans available at ProxyAZ. Save 10% OFF on your proxy plans using ProxyAZ Coupons.


ProxyAZ has got a relatively high score along with the SSL certificate to use. The website's high rating indicates that the site is secure to shop and keep safe user's data. Alongside this, ProxyAZ's website is deemed to be popular by Alexa with a good ranking.


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