ProxyRack Review

by ProxyCoupons Team   |  May 19, 2020    

Are you fed up with blocked web sites? Do you want to handle numerous accounts on social media? The solution to all these troubles is Proxy. It is widely used in internet marketing that devices your web surfing hassle-free. It conceals your real identity while web surfing. Discover the possibilities of the internet without borders with ProxyRack. It is globally known for directing massive data mining companies. Its systematic way to support HTTP and SOCKS Proxies is fascinating.

ProxyRack Review

Services of ProxyRack

Datacenter Proxies

Apart from residential rotating proxies, it offers datacenter proxies. It is better suitable for data mining as it offers better speed and higher compatibility. 

Residential Rotating Proxies

It grants the user a possibility of accessing IP Adresse over 1,250,000 per month. The only thing which makes the difference among each datacenter proxy is a number of connections.

US Data Center Proxy

It has simultaneously around 250 connections. It allows us to access up to 10,000 IP addresses with unlimited bandwidth. 

Features of ProxyRack

This 8-year-old company ProxyRack is discovered accidentally by a single person through data mining, which grew into a huge company. In addition to this, it is recommended for Scraping data, YouTube Views, and SoundCloud listens. 

IP Whitelisting

It is a mega proxy service, that allows you to access more than 2 million IP addresses. IP whitelisting will work wonder in accessing a computer with a single IP address which reduces the burden of entering username and password repeatedly.

Anonymity with ProxyRack

The primary reason why people use a proxy server for high anonymity. This proxy server masks the identity of the user and by a completely different one. So, you can be anonymous and nobody can navigate your location. 

Location of Proxy Servers

You will be able to use more than 140 dedicated IPs from different countries including  United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Europe, and more.

Software Support

Basically, their proxies work with  HTTP(s) or Socks proxies supported software. Other software that perfectly goes with ProxyRack is Google Search bot, Scrapejet, Bookmarking Demon, Decaptcher, and Scrapejet.


The high speed of servers keeps you proxy up and running. ProxyRack provides various proxies, in which residential won’t offer better speed and the rest of them provides adequate speed. 

Money-Back Guarantee

The central importance of ProxyRack is its customers. It offers a 14-day money-back guarantee to its new users which is more than enough to study its services. 


As ProxyRack has different services, it offers unlimited bandwidth and unconditional use of proxies which differ the price. All of these proxies support HTTP and HTTPS protocol excluding residential proxy.

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  • Residential rotating proxies at $80 per month with medium speed and best suitable for web browsing.
  • US data center proxy at $120 per month with fast speed.
  • Mixed rotating proxy per month it cost $120.
  • Private proxy per month $5.


As there is a huge competition running among proxy providers. ProxyRack is struggling to beat their rivals. On the other hand, its IP  whitelisting benefits is attracting more customers towards it. 


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