Smartproxy Review

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Security and privacy is an issue in every major browsing. Considering both security and anonymity, Smartproxy has emerged a fine solution to all your browsing needs. Apart from security, Smartproxy benefited us to perform undetectably. Now, one can stop worrying about their browsing and feel free to access your favorite websites.

Smartproxy Review

How Smartproxy Works?

Smartproxy is primarily meant for market research, social networking, and retailing.  Once you select a proxy location, you will get a random IP address. Then you have to select a session. One is sticky in which one IP address is used for long hours and another one is rotating, new Ip address fo new request. Now you can access the web.

Features of Smartproxies

Avoid Blocks

The proxy allows you to target any of 195 countries and you can add sub-users and target separately. Gather data from different websites and 195 locations and 8 major countries.

Ad Verification

The ad network is very huge, they always ensure their ad is running right after the content. Use the mobile IP address of any major country to dash ad verification steadily. Ad verification companies should keep away the IP blocks so that Ad runs properly and decrease the risk of any fraudulent. On the top, with Smartproxy, you can collect any data that scale your business. It has a large network around the world with modern software.

Verifying Affiliate Links

Testing affiliate links is pivotal, as it can affect your business. Here, Proxy is the right solution for detecting wrong links. Set up a link testing software on your mobile right after a proxy solution and get rid of those affiliate links.

Travel Fare Scraping

Proxy helps find lower prices on travel booking with proxy solutions.

Proxies for Social Media

If you manage multiple Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, and worried about getting blocked. Here you go Proxy will help you with the residential IP. You can choose any country in any location to target.

Feel 100% Safe with Smartproxy Products

Residential Proxies

It has enormous residential IP addresses linked with real internet service providers. You can use an existing connection to drag multiple sources at a time to make the effective use of data.

Up your marketing results, with proxy register, limitless social media accounts that look normal everyday use which has no connections with sub-networks. Therefore, they could not forbid the accounts. With a residential proxy, you can buy goods, shoes, and tickets. Smartproxy covers 195 locations and 8 big cities around the world.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are cheaper compared to residential proxies. Just purchase and grab the benefits. It protects your personal information by changing your IP address. It let you use more IP addresses at a time and allows using one IP address for half an hour. 


Smartproxy’s prices vary according to speed and what plan are you looking for? The plans are categorized into four: Micro, starter, regular, and advanced with taxes.

  • Under micro you will get $15 per GB,5 GB included and you have to pay  $75 per month.
  • In starter $10 per GB, 20 GB included, pay $200 monthly.
  • In Regular you will get $8 per GB 50 GB included $400 per month.
  • As follows in Advance $6 per GB 100 GB included $600 monthly.

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Smartproxies have broadens its way in unblocking websites and providing satisfaction to its customers through various services. 


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