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Getting proxies at lower prices is not a big deal as the market is stacked with plentiful options. Yet, the major concern is maximum anonymity and security. Storm Proxies is a matchless platform that provides reliable, fast, and secure Backconnect proxies and dedicated proxies for a multitude of purposes.

Why Storm Proxies Stand Out of the Crowd?

Of course, fast-rotating reverse proxies are the major highlight of this proxies provider. The proxies, both Backconnect and private, are completely developed by the Storm Proxies team, and they are unique in all aspects. On top of that, innumerable reverse proxies at affordable plans make the platform extraordinary. 

Two Varieties of Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies are plenty that comes under two major proxy types: Rotating Proxies and Dedicated Proxies (Private Proxies).

Backconnect Rotating Proxies

Reverse Backconnect premium rotating storm proxies are efficient enough for various applications. This category includes 70,000+ dedicated rotating reverse proxies, as well. Besides, proxies for major sneaker brands such as Supreme, Nike, Yeezy, Adidas, plus ticketing proxies let you have a phenomenon experience. 

Dedicated Proxies

Dedicated Storm Proxies are solely for the US, and there are personal proxies for almost all major social media platforms and Ticketmaster. According to the plans, you get from 5 to 400 Private Proxies and can be used for general usage like browser surfing, gaming, and so on. These do not come under specifically optimized proxies.


Certain features of most of the proxies provide may look similar, yet the quality and reliability of each feature matter. Let’s look at how Storm Proxies carry those specifications.

Short Time Automatic Rotating Proxies

Backconnect proxies are all about the ongoing alteration of IP addresses. Backconnect Rotating Storm Proxies automatically changes the IP address for every HTTP address (the platform provides on HTTP proxies; not socks proxies). The proxies change automatically every 3 or 15 minutes, according to your needs.

Complete Anonymity with Thousands of Shared Rotating IPs

Even though Storm Proxies’ dedicated proxies use limited IPs due to legal restrictions, the platform provides 70,000+ shared IPs that automatically change. Thus, your IP address would be completely anonymous and highly secured.

The Multiple Applications

No matter if it is private or shared proxy, Storm Proxies are applicable for innumerable purposes. Scraping sites, traffic bots, SEO tools, bulk accounts registration, social media, are a few of them. 

Regional Proxies

You have three different proxies combinations to select from. All the private proxies are for the US. At the same time, you can choose US proxy and UK proxy separately and both the US and UK plus worldwide proxies.

Fast Customer Support

Particularly in the case of proxies, all-time customer support is essential. Storm Proxies team ensures premium Support 24 / 7. According to many customers, one of the best things about Storm Proxies is its customer service.

Storm Proxy Packages

You may find the pricing a bit high. However, Backconnect rotating proxies usually come at high prices. The price varies according to five conditions, such as location, IP rotation, IP source IP replacement, and trial period. Get the best discount in the market using Storm Proxies Coupon Code.

In short, even though you spend a large number of Storm Proxies, it will fulfill your various browsing and online business needs. Besides, proxies are pretty crucial for most of the online engagements, and Storm Proxies is a fast and secure proxy partner you can completely rely on. 


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