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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is the most popular multiplayer game released in 2017, and it gained many devoted fans in a short span. This game was nominated as the best mobile game at the 2018 Game Awards and generated millions of U.S dollars of revue successfully in the United States. 

PUBG is banned in India and 5 other countries, including China, Jordan, Nepal, Israel, and Iraq, due to security reasons. As per various reports, many countries are in plans to ban this app near the future. 

The government has banned this app from disabling the data collecting features of this app. After the ban, this app is removed from the Play Store and Apple App Store. However, the users having this game on their devices can play this game, but, they do not use the latest versions of this app.

If you wish to play this game with the latest features, you should use VPNs to route you through other countries' servers. 

Why you need a VPN for Gaming?

With the advent of technology, the gaming culture has changed—no need to sit hours together next to your opponent. Along with the simplified formats, online gaming comes with many risks, so you need a VPN to cope with the risks and challenges. 

Here are the sturdy reasons to use a VPN for Gaming:

1. Improves Multiplayer Gaming Experience:

Multiplayer games are of the utmost craze in recent days when people do not have time to play outdoor games in groups. Multiplayer games have reached heights with the invention of games like PUBG, Minecraft, Apex Legends, etc. VPNs can reduce the ping time and overall lag time by connecting VPN servers to the gaming server. 

2. Access to Geo-Locked Games: 

A lot of content is geo-locked and multiplayer games also into this category due to many security reasons. Setting up a VPN lets you unlock your favorite games that are not accessible in your region. 

3. Access to Whole Content in-Game:

Due to security restrictions, you may not be able to access the exclusive content or updates of the games. A VPN can mask your location and take you through the country server that does not have any restrictions.  

4. Protects Your Data from DDoS Attacks: 

Gaming is one of the competitive industries and more prone to DDoS attacks that may target your IP address and bring down your connection. You can't be targeted directly as your IP address is masked. 

Why Use a VPN with PUBG?

The main reason why people use VPNs with PUBG is to unlock skins and rare costumes for free. VPN helps you unlock the costumes and PUBG crates without making in-app purchases. As PUBG runs across many countries, special giveaway promotions may vary. You can avail of lower promotions by entering other country zones. 

Whether you are playing ranked or unranked, you may encounter lagging because of the poor route between your ISP and the PUBG server. ISPs intentionally slow down when higher amounts of bandwidth are being used. 

How to start your gaming with a VPN?

Here are detailed steps on how to unblock PUBG with a VPN:

  • Choose a reliable VPN and select a convenient plan.
  • Your account will be created after the successful payment.
  • Launch the app and login with your credentials
  • Select the server whichever you want to connect. Some of the VPNs connect automatically to the fastest servers. You can also select manually.
  • after set up, you can enjoy playing any game you like irrespective of geo-restrictions

The above steps will allow you to download PUBG from anywhere.

Best VPNs for PUBG:

Here are a top VPN that offer you reliable ways to unlock the PUBG latest versions:

1. Express VPN


Express VPN shields your IP address and encrypts your network data so that no one can see what you are doing. You can use the single subscription of Express VPN on your devices, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Routers, etc.  

It is the best VPN for PUBG. This VPN enables you to play your favorite games without any restrictions like Final Fantasy XIV, Minecraft, Rain City, Bang Bang, and PUBG on any device. With the Express VPN, you can secure every device you use, including game consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.  

Express VPN comes with MediaSteamer service to unlock what you want on your game console for live or on-demand video with no buffering.

Get ExpressVPN

2. Cyberghost:


It is one of the fine places to unblock sites and enjoy the content that you love, including sports and games, without any limitations. Cyberghost has around 36 million users across the globe. You never have to worry of missing your favorite series while traveling abroad. 

Cyberghost offers protection for up to 7 devices at a time. It has dedicated servers for streaming, torrenting and ultimate privacy. 

Cyberghost is the best VPN for PUBG lite and enables you to unlock significant streaming platforms like Netflix, BBC-iPlayer, Hulu, Youtube, Crunchyroll.

Download Free CyberGhost

3. Private VPN: 

Private VPN

Private VPN offers uninterrupted VPN and the highest levels of security and privacy from anywhere in the world. It has over 60 server locations and 44k satisfied customers. No scope for routing hops with this VPN, and you will never experience buffering slow downloads or time out issues. 

Private VPN is compatible with all of your devices, including Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can unblock top streaming sites while traveling abroad like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. This VPN allows you to play PUBG anywhere.

Download PrivateVPN for PUBG

4. Nord VPN: 

Nord VPN

Nord VPN was started in 2012 amidst the growing experiences of internet censorship, content control, and intrusive government surveillance. It offers a secured tunnel for your traffic flow. NordVPN has a separate application for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It also has apps for iOS, Android, and Android TV. You can secure up to 6 devices at a time. 

You can choose Nord VPN from 5400 Nord VPNs in 59 countries. This is one of the best gaming VPNs available for the best gaming experience with DDoS protection and worldwide access.  

Nord VPN enables you to play your favorite games while traveling and download the latest updates. You can simply set up this VPN on your router so that all your devices, including Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, or Video game Console, will have a secure VPN connection from the router.

Choose the Right plan of NordVPN

5. Private Internet Access: 

Private Internet Access

This VPN adopts super-strong encryption to build a secure virtual private network tunnel between you and your server. This service will bypass censorship and firewall. Private Internet Access VPN will use robust encryption based on high-level cryptographic formulas used by the organizations operating at the highest risk. PIA has over 13916 servers in 74 countries. 

This VPN offers superfast connection speeds and can be accessible for up to 10 devices at a time. Users can choose their level of encryption. PIA server unblocks websites, geographic restrictions without any registration and settings.

Download Private Internet Access on all Your Devices  

Features of VPN: 

VPN allows you to surf the web pages privately and hides your anonymity. Many VPN providers may claim to offer you some fake features. Knowing the VPN's genuine features will help you secure your business and data with a reliable foundation. 

1. Plentiful server locations:

A VPN forms the tunnel between the device and the VPN server. So that you will get the IP address of the server and you will appear to be using the services from a different location.  

The right provider will have a uniform distribution of servers across a wide range of countries, giving you better choices. It is better if they maintain more number of servers in the same location to reduce the overloads. 

2. Compatible with both mobile and desktop: 

A VPN should support almost all of your devices and keep you updated with all the latest updates. Before you install the VPN, check the last updated status. If it is before one year, then leave the site. 

3. Smart DNS capabilities: 

Smart DNS allows you to overcome the geo-restrictions without sacrificing the VPN speed. It also enables you to access the restricted content without encrypting the data.

4. Integrated kill switch:

None of the VPN servers are 100% secure; IP leaks may occur when the servers are overloaded. The solution is a VPN kill switch; this equipment disables data transfer when the connection drops. Some of the VPN servers embed this feature on the client's server. Be sure to turn it on in the app settings. 

5. No log Privacy:

VPN providers may keep your data for months. Most of the providers claim that they offer a no-logs policy. But, keep some of your data with them. Check the privacy policy to ensure that there are no hidden charges in this respect.

6. Router support:

Instead of using the VPN on each of your devices, you can use it on your router, so that each of your devices will establish a stable VPN connection.  

7. Pricing:

VPNs come with a wide range of pricing and plans. It is more important to note that low price VPNs won't offer you the full range of features. 

What else is a VPN good for? 

As of now, we have seen the benefits and features of VPN, and top VPNs used for PUBG. Now let us have a look at what else can be done with a good VPN: 

  • Watch Youtube and other streaming sites
  • Play games without ISP slowing down
  • Watch free streaming TV of other countries
  • Shop online from other countries
  • Safely connect to Wi-Fi
  • Protect the communications over VOIP
  • Save money on airline booking and car rentals

Bottom Line:

A VPN encrypts all your internet data and gives you the IP address of the connecting server, thus giving you a new identity. Choose a steady and reliable VPN for an exceptional gaming experience. Alongside this, you can unveil many benefits and opportunities. 


1. Can I Unblock PUBG with a free VPN?

Free VPNs tend to work slower as they have many subscribers. They also come with data limits that will kick you out when you are midway through the game. Free VPNs come with security risks. If your primary goal is to protect privacy, then choose a reputable VPN. 

2. Is it legal to use a VPN? 

Using a VPN is legal in India. However, it is illegal, if you use the VPN to commit illegal activities like downloading and selling the copyrighted information, cyberstalking, hacking into computers or networks.


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