VPN Zoom Review

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Nowadays, online platforms are being tracked and hacked; you are getting limited internet speed. Internet service providers are the reason for it. It's been a while, and people are not happy about it. So, do not worry as we have come up with a brand called "VPN Zoom".

VPN Zoom offers some of the best online privacy protection services to all users worried about being tracked. It helps you to unlock the websites, which you have not accessed before. With the help of VPN Zoom, you can quickly get access to a website or platform where you have never visited before. 

Why Choose VPN Zoom?

VPN Zoom Review

To protect and keep your internet traffic safe, you can use VPN Zoom. Your internet service provider will never get to know that, or they will get no access to what you are surfing online. For instance, if you are out at a restaurant, hotel, and coffee shop and connecting to the internet. Using VPN Zoom, whenever you connect with any internet, your connection will always be safe and secure. 

When it comes to private information, VPN Zoom ensures that all of your personal information, online traffic, and social media accounts are protected. Therefore, VPN Zoom can be your choice. It comes with multiple features that can help you make your media file safeguard in the best possible way. Moreover, online privacy protection services are quite affordable. 

What are the features VPN Zoom offers?

There are a lot of features VPN Zoom is offering. Its feature can be a great asset for you to make your file or media secure without tracking. Have a look at those features to get a clearer picture.

No Issue Of Being Tracked Online

If you connect to the VPN Zoom service, your location and IP address will vanish and replaced with a VPN Zoom IP address. With that, you can quickly stop all the websites, search engines, and online marketers, which means no one will get access to your location or any details.

Secure Online Freedom

VPN Zoom always believes in complete freedom. There are good chances when corporate companies and international censorship can stop you totally and not access websites like Facebook, Netflix, and Twitter. However, you can bypass all these blocking restrictions, and to do it you have to connect to VPN Zoom servers. Then, you will get access to every website you want to visit, as this platform will make the internet open just like you wanted. 

No Deep Packet Inspection 

International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) always hires Deep Packet Inspection to check the private affairs or reduce net speed. Besides, in the inspection, ISPS also checks internet usage and limits your device's video stream speed. However, all these problems can be resolved using VPN Zoom as VPN stops the ISPS and helps you manage your private data.  

One Plan At a Good Price

VPN Zoom offers only one plan, which includes everything you need. It does not provide you multiple projects according to connection or based on your usage. It only has one plan available that covers everything at a very affordable price. It gives excellent software, unlimited speed, unlimited access, and servers in 16 different countries.    

Anonymize Your Internet Traffic

Have you ever been tracked online? Well, VPN Zoom believes that every single person should get open and private internet access. So whenever you connect to VPN servers, then all your online activity will be confidential. Because VPN Zoom never keeps logs, no corporation or internet provider will know what you are surfing online.    

High Download Speeds

Yes, you heard it right. VPN Zoom gives some of the best services to users to get high internet speed. Internet service providers are known to reduce the internet speed of websites or channels like Netflix and Youtube.

Using a VPN, the internet service provider will never know what you are doing or where you are. Hence, they can never limit the internet speed. 

Safe And Secure Software For Devices

VPN Zoom offers the best EZConect client software available for all the devices like Mac OS X and Windows. By using EZConnect, you can easily connect to VPN Zoom top speed server by using your own Apple or Window systems. This software is configured correctly and very easy to start. All you need to do is enter your username and password and click the connect button. 

Server Locations of VPN Zoom

VPN Zoom gives access to more than 100 servers in 17 different countries. It improves and expands the network by enhancing the software to maintain infrastructure and security in the right frame without any disruptions. It gives the unmatching speed and safety as this platform never lease com[uter systems like all other platforms. It always owns computer systems and maintains all the infrastructure itself.   

It gives the finest services to browse the internet and access all the blocked websites of the globe. All these processes are very simple, and you can have a look at the setup video as well. 

Types of VPN Protocols?

VPN Zoom offers different protocols such as 128-Bit Encryption PPTP, 256-Bit Encryption L2TP, and 256-Bit Encryption OpenVPN. All these protocols can be used to get access to VP Zoom well-protected servers. All these protocols are different in terms of strength. And capabilities. It is instrumental in improving internet speed. So let's have a look at these protocols one at a time.

128-Bit Encryption PPTP

128-Bit Encryption PPTP comes with basic security. It has good speed due to low encryptions, very stable, works not only on a few wifi but works on most of the Wifi hotspots. It is compatible and works on several devices like mobile, tablet, devices, and desktops. This protocol is safe, fast, and very easy to use. Besides, if OpenVPN is not working on your devices, then this protocol can be a great choice.  

256-Bit Encryption L2TP

256-Bit Encryption L2TP has high encryption and security. It always ensures to check data integrity and then encapsulates the data twice and not once. It has good speed, so it needs more CPU processing to encapsulate the data correctly. It is relatively stable in supporting NAT devices. It also works in all types of devices like tablets, operating systems, and many more.   

256-Bit Encryption OpenVPN

256-Bit Encryption OpenVPN comes with high security too just like 256-Bit Encryption L2TP. It has a high speed, even if you are at a distance this protocol works properly with high latency. It is one of the reliable protocols, very stable on wireless routers and unreliable networks on wifi hotspots. This protocol can be used in android mobiles, tablets, and operating systems too. 

Why EZConnect Software?

some of the virtual private networks are PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. All these private protocols are complicated and confusing for people who know how this VPN service gets started. Thus, VPN Zoom has created the best client connection software, which is very useful to handle all the network configuration. You can download the VPN Zoom manager in any Mac OS X or Windows, and then this software will directly connect to VPN servers. Plus, all the servers are safe, secure, easy, and very fast.

Windows EZConnect

You can protect your computer. VPN Zoom EZConnect manager will help windows and allow you to manage and connect 69 different servers in 16 countries. Whenever you launch an application, VPN Zoom EZConnect will ping every single so that you can connect to any server, which can perform well and works fastest for you.

This application is easy to use, and whenever windows start, you will automatically connect to the best and nearby server. 

Windows EZConnect Manager Setup Guide:

Step 1: Firstly, download the VPN Zoom Connection Manager just by clicking the link.

Step 2: Then, launch the downloaded file and begin the setup. Click the Install Button. 

Step 3: With the install button, all the crucial and essential files will get downloaded. Once the installation is complete, then the connection manager will start in no time.

Step 4: Then, all you need to do is pick the server location to connect. You can then click on the response time column to get sorted with the servers in response time. The faster the response time will reach the location, the faster your server network will access. Then, click the connect button. 

Step 5: Then, you have to fill in the username and password and press the ok button.

Step 6: Once you click the ok button, you will be connected to VPN Zoom Servers. Its location will be displayed next to the lock icon along with the IP address. No, you can easily surf the internet without being tracked online.  


VPN Zoom Pricing

VPNZ offers high-quality services and multiple types of protocol at a very normal range.  The plans can be renewed on a monthly, yearly, and half-yearly basis. You can save up to 35% on a yearly plan. For discount prices on VPNs use VPN Zoom Coupons.


VPN Zoom services are relatively easy to use. Its benefits can help you to make your online surfing data private in the best possible way. Moreover, this platform can be your pick in terms of security, features, and pricing. 


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