What is VPN And How Does It Works ?

September 4th, 2021


VPN facilitates a safe and secure browsing experience by driving all your traffic through an encrypted virtual channel. This functionality secures your identity even when you are on public Wi-Fi.

These days most VPNs offer unmatchable speed, reliability, and security. They are featured with the easy to navigate interfaces, making them suitable for all the newbies with little information about VPN. VPNs were in a rage when the popular mobile game PUBG was banned in many countries and here are some Top VPN for PUBG. VPNs are compatible across multi-platforms. Here is all you need to know before you select a VPN.

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN drives your device’s internet connection through a chosen VPN private server instead of the Internet Service Provider. While you connect to the internet, it acts as the intermediary by hiding your IP address. VPN creates a private tunnel from your device to secure your vital data through encryption.

The effectiveness of your data encryption depends on the protocols provided by your VPN provider.

Things to Consider Before You Get a VPN

If you feel that you need a bit more clarification before you get a VPN for your business, here we keep you covered with the reliable factors that you should consider before finalizing your VPN service provider


A poor VPN speed may affect the performance of your internet connection. It would help if you considered selecting different rates for different purposes. 10-12 Mbps speed is enough for normal web surfing and video streaming. Gamers who need more data in real-time may need 20-30Mbps.

Security and Accessibility

Along with the lightning speed, a secure connection with minimal risk is the must consider the attribute of a VPN. These days VPNs are compatible across multiple platforms like PC, Android, and iOS. You can check out some of the Free VPN apps for Android. A VPN should contain IP masking, split tunnelling, and a Network lock kill switch for trouble-free access.

Functionality and Technical Support

The VPN service that you select must be compatible with a wide array of platforms and operating systems. Opt for the VPN with the simultaneous connection to laptop, PC, and smartphone.

Readily available customer service is rare to find, but it is quite beneficial for those with less knowledge in this field. Before you purchase, check whether your service provider hosts dedicated expert representatives or not.


Price is the foremost deciding factor, especially when you wish to go for a free VPN. With free VPNs, you may miss many advanced features, and security becomes the question. So explore the fairly priced VPNs, and we have also curated some of the best VPNs in this article.

Best VPN Services to Choose

There are hundreds of VPNs in the market that may overwhelm the first time buyer to an experienced one. Here are some of the best choices to simplify your buying decision

  • ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN provides an array of features for users at reasonable costs, and it adopts excellent privacy policies to protect your information. Customers can choose from 160 VPN server locations across the globe and can hide or change their IP addresses with the help of VPN servers. ExpressVPN has a powerful AES-256 Encryption technology to hide your data from any third-party application.


With the exclusive deals, you can save more on your subscription plans using ExpressVPN Coupons. This service is distinguished from its counterparts in its strict stance against keeping logs of personally-identifying user data. However, it collects maintenance-related data such as server location choices, amount of data transferred, server connection time, app versions, etc.

  • Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN offers access to keep your IP address anonymous and secure during web surfing. The service doesn’t let your private information as customers info is hidden from websites through advanced technology. Using this technology, customers can change their IP address through which their location is unidentified.


Across 57 countries, Astrill VPN is included with VPN servers in 107 cities to keep your online activities secure. To access these secure services, you can avail them by choosing the required subscription plan with Astrill VPN coupons to get them at the best-discounted prices.

  • SurfShark

To avoid the leakage of your personal information and searches while surfing the internet, make sure you are using an efficient VPN service like SurfShark to keep your searches private. Accessing content from any location is easier and more flexible than before with the anonymous browsing features of SurfShark.


You can easily overcome the restrictions and interruptions regarding the browsing locations as you can simply change the IP address with SurfShark. By using SurfShark Discount Codes, you can avail of the services at affordable prices and access other discounts and offers.

  • Frootvpn

FrootVPN provides anonymous surfing so that you can no longer worry about any technical threats and hacks, as it offers cryptographic privacy with the strongest encryption. The internet connections with FrootVPN are much more secure and reliable with great speeds. With no bandwidth limitations, it always tops the list of best VPN services.


These advanced services come at affordable prices by using Frootvpn Coupons while subscribing to premium plans. The VPN is supported for all devices and can access them at any location by just altering the actual IP address. It provides the best standards of server uptime without any interruptions while you are browsing.

  • BitVPN

Privacy and security are very much prioritized by BitVPN servers as they are very much specialized in protecting your data with internet privacy against data breaches and cyber-attacks. The restriction is a little thing when surfing with BitVPN servers as they unblock and hide your online activities. It is compatible with every version of Windows and provides multi-layered data encryption.


You can choose a monthly and yearly subscription according to your usage, and with BitVPN.net Coupon codes, you can avail of them at the least possible prices. You can easily outrun the firewall and geographic restrictions with its decentralization nature. No risks are included while using these services.

  • PureVPN

Being protected and staying anonymous while surfing on the internet is a must and should task for anyone who wants to be careful on the web world. To make your actions more secure, use PureVPN, as it is the leading VPN service that provides more than 6500 global networks to access from anywhere in the world.

The subscription process is simple and affordable for PureVPN as they are included with discounted prices by using PureVPN Coupons. So you can avail the most secure VPN network with AES 256-bit encryption at the least cost possible. You can access upto 10 logins to make sure all of your devices are protected with PureVPN.

Final Words

A reliable VPN ensures Safety and security when you go online. Always go for the VPN that has a simple and easy to understand the privacy policy. Instead of looking for a provider with tons of server options, consider the locations that you need. Check the transparency and decent background before you opt for a VPN service.

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